Windsor Electrical Services Ltd – Commercial, Industrial, Residential & Maintenance Electricians

Windsor Electrical was established in 2006 by owner and master electrician, Harvey Geisler. At this point Harvey had 30 years of experience in the electrical construction industry, and had built a reputation of being an intelligent electrician and an extremely hard working individual. Harvey brought on a journeyman and an established apprentice, and the three electricians formed the initial workforce behind Windsor. Taking on some larger commercial projects right out of the gates, the company mentality was to build electrical installations that showed unmistakeable pride in workmanship even if extra time and care was necessary.

Hard work and quality installations started paying off as contractor relationships were solidified. Within a year the company had to expand the workforce to keep up with the ever growing project load. Eventually Harvey moved from the rental office of the companies humble beginnings, to a brand new office located in a commercial retail area of Sherwood Park. Windsor Electrical trucks and vans could be seen throughout the city, and the company name had reached many reputable big name General Contractors. Many high end projects were to follow as the company planted its roots in the commercial sector of the booming Alberta economy.

Pushing through the unstable economic conditions that put the construction industry into a grinding halt, Windsor managed to keep all employees working full time hours. In an extremely competitive market, the quality of work did not sway as Harvey would refuse to produce an inferior final product. This did not go unnoticed as many companies were cutting corners on projects to make ends meet. Reputation intact, Windsor Electrical moved forward and has remained a driving force in the commercial sector. With the office team expanding, and the pursuit of new opportunities being a priority, all employees are excited to take Windsor Electrical to a new level in the near future.